How to deal with overdue debt (2 days)

Debt collection is a communication business with legal aspects. To enter this business, it is required to master communication techniques and to know at least a certain number of rules of law such as civil law, civil proceedings, business law, criminal law, consumer law, etc. In addition, there is the need to get organised. This comprehensive training is an introduction to debt collection law and communication techniques. It can be complemented with “à la carte” or theme-based trainings.

Training objectives :

  • Deal with overdue debt
  • Be aware of the legal framework of your action to know how far you can go
  • Prevent overdue debt
  • Avoid legal proceedings, which results in additional costs
  • Choose properly your potential service provider and be able to negotiate their services

Raising sales representatives’s awareness about customer risk (1 day)

Customer risk depends on your commercial team’s awareness. In order for your commercial team to actively prevent and reduce overdue debt and late payment, they need to understand all the aspects of the relationship with the customer or interested party in order to be able to negotiate on behalf of their company in the best legal and financial conditions.

Training objectives :

  • Raise sales representatives’s awareness to prevent customer risk
  • Help them manage customer receivables, from prospecting to opening an account
  • Give them the tools to negotiate legal and financial conditions with the customer

Effective pre-legal debt collection (1 day)

“A bad deal is better than a bad lawsuit”. This is true in many cases. In some cases, pre-legal debt collection is an alternative to legal proceedings. Pre-legal debt collection can only benefit the company if associates are good at communicating and have a clear understanding of basic legal rules.

Training objectives :

  • Give a reminder on basic legal rules to associates in charge of the pre-legal phase
  • Train them on how to use reminders (letters, phone calls…)
  • Help them organise their reminder policy
  • Help them legally underpin their agreements

Debt collection through legal proceedings (3 days)

The legal universe is often viewed as complicated. However, you can master the ropes once you are familiar with certain rules in both civil and procedural law. This training is directed to companies that handle their legal proceedings on their own and those that need assistance.

Training objectives :

  • Introduce associates in charge of debt collection to general procedural rules.
  • Help them determine the relevant court to settle a given dispute
  • Help them issue the appropriate legal proceedings
  • Bring them into contact with bailiffs and lawyers
  • Train them to follow up proceedings from “A to Z”