By sending out a letter before action, you send a great warning shot to your debtors, without having to pay collection fees.

You feel that your debtor will “pay you soon”. Something is missing and you think it would be a shame to pay collection fees as the outcome is near.

In this case, you can instruct us to send a letter before action your debtor :

  • The letter is made under Saint Louis Recouvrement letterhead
  • It is a formal notice to pay sent by registered post

The debtor pays

If following the letter before action the debtor pays the whole amount, there will be no collection fee, regardless of the amount collected.

The debtor does not pay

If following the letter before action your debtor does not pay, we will pursue the collection of the debt :

  • Within the deadline you have set,
  • While being exempted of set-up fees,
  • Without having to instruct us again.

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