DATADOCK is a database created by 20 OPCAs and OPACIFs. They have jointly defined 21 indicators to be approved by training organizations with six quality criteria set by the decree of 30th June 2015, which came into force on 1st January 2017.

The 6 quality criteria are:

  • Identification of training goals and suitability for the targeted audience
  • Facility, follow-up and assessment arrangements
  • Appropriate technical and education resources and professional staffing
  • Instructors’ qualifications and in-service training for training staff
  • Information for the public on the courses offered, waiting period and results
  • Consideration given to trainees’ feedback

Saint Louis Recouvrement is certified as “training company” under the number 1 1780662278 and registered in Datadock training funds database.

The training we provide can be paid by your OPCA: once enrolled, you will receive a training contract.