OUR VISION: Pre-legal debt collection is a communication business with a legal dimension

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Communicating with creditors

In debt collection, good communications with our customers – who are victims of unpaid debts – is essential in order to:

  • Meet their expectations by tailoring our collection methods to their portfolio of overdue debts
  • Understand their sale process
  • Identify contract documents
  • Be familiar with their internal organisation
  • Identify their legal environment
  • Implement tailor-made reporting tools for their IT systems
  • Immediately provide information as soon as they ask

By knowing well our customers, we tailor our collection methods and become more effective in improving their debt collection rate.

Communicating with debtors: listen, adapt, convince

We make every effort to ensure that our customers’ debtors pay us voluntarily, quickly and if possible, without legal proceedings.

We get good results in the pre-legal phase because we first focus in working out the debtor’s profile:

  • Are they going through a rough patch?
  • Do they mistakenly believe they don’t owe you anything?
  • Are they acting in bad faith?
  • Are they careless?
  • Are they dissatisfied with the service you provided?
  • Do they think you – their creditor – won’t dare sue them?

By understanding why your debtors fail to pay you and by understanding their psychology, we have the best chance of success in recovering your debts. Therefore, good communications with debtors is essential.

Thus our associates are expert with the most advanced communication skills and know exactly how to adapt their speech to each debtor.

It isn’t a matter of making gratuitous threats nor is it a matter of being too lenient; it is about making debtors understand that our resolve – yours and Saint Louis Recouvrement’s – is unshakable.

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One rule: we do what we said we’ll do