We will:


1.   Respect our customers’ reputation

At a time when e-reputation matters, it is our duty to represent you firmly and effectively in the best possible way.

2.   Tailor our debt collection process

Our process is tailored according to the size of your company, your expectations and your organisation.

3.   Give preference to pre-legal means to collect debts

Overdue debts are handled within a short timeframe. Except in cases of special urgency, we give priority to pre-legal solutions and avoid issuing legal proceedings, which are often long and expensive.

4.   Advise creditors

Our expertise and advice will help you improve quickly your DSO, recover your overdue debts and decrease their amount and number.

At a time when e-reputation matters, our duty is to represent you firmly and effectively in the best possible way.

5.   Assign dedicated teams to each creditor

Your debts will be handled by a lawyer responsible for the pre-legal phase and legal proceedings as well as by a sales manager and an administrative and accounting team available at any time.

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6.   Not subcontract

In order to speed up the collection process, take into consideration our customers’ specificities and avoid additional costs generated by intermediaries, Saint Louis Recovery does not hire subcontractors in the event of a reorganisation plan, unless the law requires a third party to be brought in (i.e pleadings by a practicing lawyer, service of documents by bailiffs).

7.   Get paid only if we collect

No debt collection: no fee. That’s what Anglo-Saxons call « Success fees ». Should we fail, they do not incur any additional loss.

8.   Deal with any debts to be collected, regardless the amount

Any type of debt portfolio can be collected. Saint Louis Recovery will offer you tailor-made solutions to collect your debt whether it is a 2- or 7- digit amount.

9.   Commit to transparency and reporting

By means of a web platform, Saint Louis Recouvrement’s customers can be kept up to date with any event related to their debts on a daily basis (description of the current situation, measures taken, collected payment, recoveries, collected settlement, issued repayment invoices to be printed…). Statistics and accurate debt collection graphs can also be edited, by year, month and file group.

10.   Promptly paid over the amounts received

The amounts received from debtors are paid over to our customers no later than 30 days upon receipt. A shorter repayment period can be agreed under certain conditions.