Trainings are conducted by Thierry Gingembre – the Chairman of Saint Louis Recouvrement – who has a law degree from Nanterre University. He is the Chairman of the ANCR, which is the main French trade union of debt collection firms, and also the co-author of “Agir face aux impayés” (“How to Deal with Overdue Debt”) published by Delmas.

These trainings target very small businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies.

Subjects of debt collection trainings

Saint Louis Recouvrement offers “à la carte” in-company trainings but also trainings on general topics such as “How to deal with overdue debt“, “Raising sales representatives’ awareness about customer risk“, “Debt collection through legal proceedings“, “Effective pre-legal debt collection“.

However the best and most profitable training is the one that fits the company’s features and meets its employees’ expectations. For this reason, Saint Louis Recouvrement offers “à la carte” trainings. Training contents are defined together with the company and adapted to trainees. Emphasis is put on understanding and dealing with situations that trainees face on a daily basis.

How trainings are organised ?

Trainings take place in the companies or in any premises of their choice.

One-on-one trainings as well as group trainings (up to 12 people per group) can be delivered.

Pricing depends on training duration and the number of trainees.

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