Your cash flow is not only disrupted by overdue invoices but also late payments

Both in France and in Europe, there is a late payment culture. Those late payments, even when they come from good customers, increase your working capital requirement, which has an impact on your cash flow, financial costs and the rating given by your financial partners.

Those late payments hinder your employees who have better things to do than spending time chasing them.

Managing trade receivables requires the implementation of a reminder policy, both via written reminders and phone calls. Frequently for lack of time and sometimes for lack of means, it is not possible to fully comply with this reminder policy.

On behalf of your company, we ensure a cost-effective management of your invoices and reminders, prioritising good commercial relationships with your customers.

Invoice and reminder management objectives

  1. Reducing your payment deadlines
  2. Improving cash flow
  3. Cutting down financial costs
  4. Building customer loyalty by using a good business approach
  5. Detecting potential disputes that may result in a late payment before the due date
  6. Reducing the risk of overdue invoices

Our methods

  • Reminders are sent on behalf of your company
  • Missions can done on a regular or one-time basis
  • They can take place either in your premises or ours
  • The services we provide range from the issuance of the invoice to the collection, or can be limited to some reminders
  • Reminders can be done via phone calls and possibly, mail
  • Missions can include a training or an audit
  • They end with the submission of an analytical report on your trade receivables