For a reconsideration of the fees of judicial representatives

It is not a paradox, if during the first three months of the health crisis in France, the number of business failures was significantly reduced compared to the same period of 2019. The various support measures taken in favor companies during the spring, enabled a number of professionals, especially the small and medium firms, to resist the first economic consequences of the pandemic. These measures, however, are only temporary and many will not be able to repay the advances and deferrals made. The forecasts for insolvency proceedings are therefore not good. The most pessimistic point to a foreseeable crossing of the annual bar of 100,000 failures in 2021 and 2022 agains’t around 55,000 in “normal” times. The work of the judicial agents responsible for recovering the assets of these doomed companies will therefore be essential to prevent other professionals, because of the unpaid debts generated by these defaults, from falling in turn. Interviewed by the Journal du Management, Thierry Gingembre pleads for a reconsideration of the fees of judicial representatives, in order to allow them to take advantage of the expertise of amicable collection companies to become more efficient in their asset recovery mission. The article can be viewed here